International Psychotherapy & Coaching

For people with issues about identity, trauma, burnout, stress, sexuality and relationships. In addition, I have a special expertise when it comes to relocation and letting go of your roots. Anywhere in the world, offline and online.


‘Who am I? What do I want?’


Existential questions are inseparable from life. Sometimes these questions create great feelings of uncertainty and confusion, with consequences for your emotional and physical health, social life and work. A guiding dialogue can offer clarity and direction.


Unresolved emotional scars caused by minor and major traumas can be effectively healed through EMDR. This is an approved method through which the brain is relieved of the negative baggage associated with the trauma. As a result the scars are healed and you can move on.

Burnout and stress

Stress and (the onset of) burnout can result in significant emotional and physical tension. Often this is caused by a combination of work, private life and personality. It is important to tackle these symptoms from all sides, so that you gain strength and wisdom.

Sexuality and relationships

‘Why am I not in a relationship, or why don’t they last? Am I still happy in my relationship? Why do we fight so often? Sex, pfff!’


Intimacy, sexuality and relationships are all interconnected. Difficult, but definitely useful to investigate on your own, or with your partner, in a safe environment without prejudices or taboos.


 Whether you and I are in the Netherlands or somewhere else in the world, our initial consultation will be online via email or video call. From there we will decide on the best way to move forward.  I use several forms of therapy in my work: psychotherapy and coaching to suit each individual, because we are all different. I strongly believe in the interaction between body and mind.  


During this initial consultation the first aim is to get to know each other and find out what is going on in your present life. If you have a specific problem we will adress that first. If we decide to continue our sessions we will cover how, where and what.


We will start with your personal goals. These will determine the nature, length and frequency of our sessions. Short if possible, longer if required. If certain people play an important role in your situation we can invite them as well.


How do you apply the results of our sessions to become who you really are? Experiment, evaluate and adapt if needed.



I began my career as a remedial Mensendieck therapist at the Sports Medical Center in Amsterdam. However, my real vocation turned out to be psychotherapy and coaching. Since starting my first practice I continued to train and educate myself, from within a psycho-analytical framework, in areas such as solution-focused therapy, sexology and relationship therapy.

I have had 20 dedicated and enjoyable years of successful psychotherapy and coaching at my practice in Amsterdam. My extensive range of therapeutic tools has enabled me to effectively help men and women from all walks of life, and of all ages, to deal with a wide range of problems.


At the end of 2016 I decided to re-evaluate my work and my life. I took a year off to investigate important existential questions: Who am I if I am not a psychotherapist? Is there anything else I would like to do with my life? How and where would I like to continue my work?


It has been a beautiful out-of-the-box-year! As a child of expats I realized I want to stay faithful to my international roots and corresponding feelings of freedom. And above all, I am a psychotherapist. To be able to do both, and in the interest of my clients as well as myself, I have made some changes. I closed my existing practice in order to be able to work where and how I want, starting in 2018. Based in Amsterdam, national and international, online and offline.



  • 3 appointments

  • 130session
    • psychotherapy / coaching
    • online €110
    • duration: 50 minutes

  • Relationship therapy

  • 220session
    • relationship therapy / coaching
    • online €200
    • duration: 90 minutes

Dutch law differentiates between coaching and psychotherapy. Coaching requires me to charge VAT at 21%.

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